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Privacy policy :

1. Customer must understand this is an agreement of rental only; customer acquires no rights other than those stated in our terms and conditions.
2. Vehicle cannot be used :
• Against the terms and conditions of this agreement.
• To carry persons or property for hire.
• To carry more persons than it is licensed for.
• To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object.
• To transfer or carry heavy luggage or objects, inflammable materials, staining or badly smelling goods,narcotics, explosives, arms, etc.
• While customer or any other driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs,narcotics or barbiturates.
• Outside of Corfu unless previous consent has been given by the company.
3. The customer must return the vehicle to the agreed location at the agreed time. We have the right to
repossess the vehicle at any time at the customer’s expenses in cases where the vehicle is being used in violation of our agreement.
4. Customer is responsible for any fines or penalties acquired during the period of rental.
5. The vehicle must not be operated or driven by any other person other than those named as drivers on the agreement.
6. During the rental period the customer assumes full responsibility to take care of the vehicle, to check its mechanical condition, the oil, water etc. As well as tyres and general driving conditions of the vehicle.
7. Customer must always lock the vehicle when not in use and take all precautions to prevent its theft or the pilferage of its accessories.
8. Customer is responsible for removing and checking they have all belongings before returning the
vehicle, we cannot be held responsible for any belongings left behind.
9. In the event of an accident customer must contact us immediately and let us deal with all the procedures.
10. The company has the right to provide a substitute car in the unavoidable instant where the original car is unavailable. In this case the customer will be provided with a same category car or a higher category car(NEVER LOWER)
11. Insurance
Our cars are insured for C.D.W. Theft waiver, re protection and come with a 380 (Maximum) euro excess. Our Full optional insurance covers all of this with no excess plus, personal accident cover, third party cover, tyres, glass, mirrors, underneath the car.

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** Pick up date should not be less than 29-May-2022.
** Visitor can book a car minimum for 2 & maximum for 31 Days.